It is with sadness that I have closed my Miss Boudoir® photography service for an unknown amount of time due to a much needed break from the photography industry.

I hope to return at some point, refreshed and ready to help lots of brave women again but for now I am pursuing another path. It could be in a years time, it may be 5 years, I cannot at this moment in time advise any further on when this may be. I have some details about my decision on the History page of my site

In the meantime I would like to thank each and every one of my clients for choosing me to be their photographer and allow me to be part of their boudoir journey. I'd also like to thank all the people who have helped me make my dream job possible for the past 10 years and those who have messaged me in this time with their kind comments and support for my photography.

I have decided to leave a cut down version of my website online with some of my favourite photographs as a memory of what was achieved in the last 10 years and as a tribute to all those fabulous ladies who were brave enough to have a boudoir shoot.

Ending on a positive note... in 2015 when I was redesigning my website I decided to ask my past clients for some feedback via Facebook on what they thought of me as a person to be around, thus enabling me to write an accurate description for my about page. I was so unbelievably touched at the comments my ladies left me and have decided to put a few below to remind me how fortunate I have been to work with such amazing people. You can read all the lovely words for yourself on my Facebook Page.

Over and out from Miss Boudoir®

By the time I left you I felt like a friend. You make us women feel amazing and relaxed at the same time you have your professional head on xxx
Its hard to put into words what you are as talent because your talent is sooooo immense and so endless and extraordinary!!! You make us feel beautiful when some of us feel like nothing, you help to give us confidence which is something very few of us have had in the first place so i would say visionary creative emotional fairy godmother And yes.... i'd have to agree with the earlier comment about feeling like a friend too
A fabulously fun fire cracker with an infectious giggle who instantly puts you at ease. All the while incredibly professional and an absolute perfectionist in her work!
"You build confidence in people and make them feel at ease. And you make sure people are having fun as well as look hot!"
"You are a fellow human who is aware and understands all the possible anxieties women have about the lumps and bumps we imagine we have everywhere. You not only made me feel comfortable but made me laugh and never a second of feeling uncomfortable or self conscious. It's a rare gift and one which brings confidence and joy to people. I've loved both shoots I've had with you and they have felt luxurious and exciting and I'm due another as I'm nearly 40!"
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