I'm very shy and worried about my body shape and that I won't look good on the photos!

People come in all different shapes and sizes, tall, short, large and small. There is nothing anywhere to say that one is better than the other. Having confidence and believing in yourself is what makes fantastic pictures.

The boudoir sessions are all about having fun, getting glammed up, dressed up and letting your hair down and forgetting about little insecurities. Treating yourself to new lingerie and beauty treatments before the session is a definite excitement and confidence builder!

The ladies in your boudoir & glamour galleries are beautiful, are they professional models?

I have 3 models in my galleries, Paula, Hannah and Ava who I've worked with when they require or I've had an idea I've wanted to test out. I photograph ladies of all ages and sizes for a variety of reasons whether this be a gift, confidence boost or a lingerie folio.

We are very experienced at working with people from a variety of different backgrounds (as you can see from our galleries) and am able to bring out their confidence and beauty with our down to earth and genuine approach.

My galleries get updated every few months with new clients. If you have been a past client and wish to feature, please let me know. Please be aware - I would never ever use any clients images without permission, it is again the law and morally wrong.

I need photographs for promotional use but I want my identity to be hidden and the emphasis on my body, can you do this?

No problem, we regularly photograph clients needing exactly that.

Who will be in the studio while I am having my photos taken? Can I bring a friend?
There will only ever be myself and Danielle (if you package includes hair & make-up) in the studio while you have your session.

If you would prefer a friend or family member to be present, please bring a female chaperone as I operate a "female only" studio as this is much more relaxing for the client, myself and Danielle, especially whilst photography is taking place.

I feel that boudoir photography is best without spectators and when other people are present at the sessions, regardless of gender, there are more eyes watching and the client cannot fully relax, obviously wanting to make sure their chaperone is not bored (naturally) which then becomes a distraction itself. Out of all the session with and without chaperones, the results are far better when the client has been on their own, got to know us, relaxed and giving their full concentration to posing and having fun.

How much do I have to bare? / Can I have erotic photography if I wish?

You can bare as little or as much as you wish. I have photographed clients on the boudoir sets in evening gowns and jeans to nothing at all. Each client is different to the next, different outcomes are required and for different reasons e.g. wedding gifts, confidence, adult promo etc.

If you would like a more risqué and erotic style to your images, that is no problem as long as it is tasteful.

I would really like to have the stylist for my boudoir photo shoot but I'm worried that I won't look like me, please advise?

Styling for camera is very different to everyday make-up and needs to be 50% heavier otherwise you'll look bare. I definitely advise having Danielle do your styling so you can be sure it is suitable for the shoot. You'll also get chance to relax and have a chat while being professionally polished and then go into your photo shoot feeling truly ready!

Danielle is brilliant in every way! She will never do anything you don't want. She listens and fulfils the brief given by you...a true professional! My clients are regularly astonished at their styling and want to take Danielle home in their pockets!

Hair and make-up is always styled as you require, so it can be as light and natural or as heavy and glam as you wish (or both!). If you need any help deciding on a look, this can be discussed with Danielle on the day.

What do I need to bring? / Do you provide lingerie?

Please see my "What To Bring" page. If you're planning on having a shoot with us, I'll give you very detailed information on how to prepare and what to bring with you for the shoot once fully booked in.

Can you retouch my images and is the retouching included in your prices?

I retouch any images you desire and it's all included in the product or package price. The only item that doesn't include retouching and effects is the session disc.

Retouching - some people love it, some hate it. I get asked to remove this lump or bump, enhance that curve, tuck that in, smooth that out etc etc. We all have something we don't like and honestly, I see stretch marks ALL THE TIME, it's normal so don't think I'm going to be shocked or you have to warn me :D

My retouching is always done sympathetically and to the best standard possible. I do what people require, I'm not going to make you look 3 sizes slimmer (unless you ask for that) turn you to plastic or use a time saving plugin to badly 'smoooooooooooooth' everything into oblivion! It is done carefully by hand and yes it's time-consuming. A lot of the retouching about nowadays is pretty terrible, the below average standard seems to have become the norm/accepted and it gives this wonderful digital skill a bad name. Properly retouched photos should not look 'Photoshopped'.

How long do I have to wait to see my images?

Please allow 2 weeks for your images to be ready for online viewing as the developing and sample retouching is a lengthy process, the photography is only 10% of the job. I always aim to get images to clients ASAP but this can be up to 18 working days in very busy periods.

What is this "Photographer's Choice Gallery" I keep reading about?

After your session, all your images are digitally developed individually by hand. I will go through and pick out my favourites to retouch as an example of what is achievable on any photograph. These images will be placed in your "Photographer's Choice Gallery". Because everyone has different tastes when it comes to effects, I create a variety of effects per chosen image for you to choose from.

Clients cannot possibly know how their images can be styled, therefore I prefer to spend time working on my ladies images to demonstrate what can be achieved and thus resulting in our fab Photographer's Choice Gallery.

How long will it take for my products to be completed and sent?

The length of time depends on the product selected. All time scales can be found under each product on the product prices page.

I would like more pictures than what I have in my package, can I add / buy more?

You can buy as many as you wish, there is no maximum order or time limit in which to order in. I archive images so you can come back at a later date when you are ready to buy.

Will you travel to my house for a shoot?

I choose to photograph clients in my specially designed studios. My photography style is vintage and luxurious and my studios offer the backgrounds, props and atmosphere for exactly that type of shoot and more. Having your photos done in settings that are not easily obtained in the majority of houses offers the client a great experience and very exquisite result.

Do you offer a package that lets my partner be the photographer and myself the model?

This is quite a common enquiry and unfortunately I don't offer this service.

I'm very serious about my photography and don't want to devalue it by suggesting people can get the same results that I work hours and hours to obtain if they simply pick up my camera and use my studio. Special software is required to develop professional images and this is not readily available on the average computer.

I am interested in hiring your boudoir photography studio for commercial or personal use, is this something you offer?

My studio is currently not for photographic hire but I will consider film and TV usage.

Where are you located and what are your opening hours?

We are open by appointment only from 11:00 - 18:00 Monday to Friday. My studio address, along with directions can be viewed on my contact page.