I've gone ahead and booked in for a boudoir shoot, what's next?

As soon as you are fully booked in, I will email you a copy of your booking form and the login details to my pre-shoot website "Boudoir Backstage". This is jam-packed full of information and advice on hair and make-up styling, beauty tips and tricks, lingerie, colour matching, props, posing, a set list, travel advice, hotels, taxi recommendations and mountains more.

I'll be in contact with you before your shoot to see how you are getting on and what sets you'd like to use and chosen poses if applicable. I'm always happy to help if you require any further advice as we have the same goals - great photos and preparation is the key.

Questions about boudoir photography

How long will it take for my images to be ready for viewing?

Your images will be ready 10-18 working days after your shoot. Sorting, developing and retouching is a lengthy process and I always aim to get images to you ASAP and my goal is 2 weeks from your shoot date.

We do get very busy periods especially around Christmas and Valentines so this can take us up to 18 working days but I will advise of any time difference if this is the case - at the end of the day I do all the work myself, by hand and to the best possible standard.

Boudoir photography timescales

Your Galleries

After your shoot the images go through 3 stages, sorting, developing and sample retouching. Once this is completed they will be securely uploaded to your private, password protected directory and will host the following:-

Develops Gallery - Your Develops Gallery will contain all the digitally hand developed images from your photo shoot. The amount will vary depending on the length of your session and personal input. As a guide:-

  • Up to 30 developed shots for 15 minute photo shoots (BodyCon Taster)
  • Up to 50 developed shots for 30 minute photo shoots (Mini Shoot/BodyCon Mini)
  • Up to 80 for 1:00 hour shoots (Standard/BodyCon Standard)
  • Up to 120 for the 1:30 shoots (Deluxe)
  • Full Day Shoot will vary
  • Lite Pose Packages will vary

Photographer's Choice Gallery - I like to show my clients all the different photo finishes on offer so I will select my favourites from your Develops Gallery to demonstrate this on. These chosen images will go into your Photographer's Choice Gallery as an example of what is achievable on any of your developed images.

boudoir photography galleries

How long will my galleries be online for?

Your galleries will remain online for 2 months, this can be extended if needed. I archive all images so if you would like your gallery put back online at a later date, please just ask. I don't delete images and there is no timescale in which you need to buy your products, just as and when you want to.

boudoir shoot private gallery