boudoir makeover portrait before and after

Boudoir Makeovers & Styling

Camera Ready

Glamour & boudoir makeovers and styling can be as natural or as glamorous as you wish. The aim isn't to hide what is underneath but to prepare you for camera, highlight your best features and bring out your confidence - that is what makes brilliant photos!

Hair and make-up styling is quite an education for some clients, they can visually see how to maximise their own features with different make-up techniques, try out shades they'd have never thought wearable and as for hair... so many of my clients have said

I didn't know my hair could be styled like that
My hair dresser told me my hair would never go into this sort of style

Styling is always done to a level that clients are happy with. Some people worry about not looking like themselves or being too made up but there isn't a standard application when it comes to styling, it literally can be as natural and fresh or glamorous and smoldering as you wish.

One thing all clients should realise is that being styled for a boudoir photo shoot and actually having one isn't an every day experience and therefore the results won't be your usual everyday going to work or picking the kids up life. 95% of women will have never seen themselves styled, posing in beautiful lingerie on luxurious furniture so you have to be prepared to see yourself in a different light should we say.

Another unique services from us is photo documentation of the styling process. Some clients who've been treated to the photo shoot as a gift or are doing their boudoir shoot for their partners, would like to show all of the experience to their loved ones, not just the finished results. We are very happy to cater for this, just mention it!